CoilTools CT Drift Catcher

Drifting of a coiled tubing reel is typically performed with a steel ball and a foam or rubber dart to wipe and flush the ID of the CT. CoilTools CT Drift Catcher allows this operation to be performed in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. The CT Drift Catcher provides a means of catching and retaining both the steel ball and wiper dart and allows for containment of all pumped fluids.

The external CT connector provides a secure means of connecting to the coiled tubing and is suitable for CT sizes from 1.50" to 2.00" OD by simply changing the grapple for the required CT size. The lower end of the tool can be supplied with the required connection to attach a drain hose for diverting fluid to a tank or drain.

When the ball and/or dart exit the CT the indicator sleeve will shift downwards providing a visual indication to the operator that the ball / dart has landed. The internal ball seat will then shear at a predetermined pressure allowing fluid bypass once again and the ball and dart will be retained safely within the tool.

Course thread service connections allow the tool to be quickly and easily dismantled for inspection and removal of the ball and dart. The tool can then be easily reset and re-assembled in a matter of minutes, if required. The tool is fitted with a burst disc facility to prevent any overpressure resulting from a blockage or closure in the system. A bleed-off port is also incorporated to bleed any residual pressure prior to dismantle.

CoilTools CT Drift Catcher

Technical Specifications

Tool OD (in.) 3.375"
Length (in.) 31.00"
Lower Connection* 2" BSP (line pipe)
Ball Size Range (in) 5/8" - 1 5/8" OD
Working Pressure Rating 5000psi
Burst Disc Rating 2000psi

*Can be supplied with 2" 1502 Weco® thread, Camlock connector or alternative threaded connection, on request.

Specifications and dimensions above are for information purposes only and may be liable to change without notice. Variations of above available upon request.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Safe containment of all pumped fluids
  • Visual indication of ball and dart arrival
  • Ball and dart safely retained within tool
  • Rupture disc to prevent overpressure (2000psi)
  • Secure connector suitable for a range of CT sizes
  • Quick and simple assembly / dissasembly
  • Bleed-off port to bleed any residual pressure
  • Connector pull test plate available on request
  • Connector 'knock-on' sub available on request