CoilTools Hydraulic Jacking Plate

CoilTools Hydraulic Jacking Plate

CoilTools Hydraulic Jacking Plate has been designed for the safe make-up of slimhole and thru-tubing toolstring connections and is particularly beneficial for use on semi-submersible rigs and hydraulic lifting frame operations, reducing the risk of personal injuries and equipment damage.

The hydraulic hand pump provides the operator with full control of raising and lower the toolstring during make-up, eliminating the need for radio communication. The hydraulic rams provide sufficient stroke for the safe and efficient alignment of most small diameter toolstrings and eliminates the need for manipulation of the colied tubing string, lifting frame winch or crown block.

CoilTools Hydraulic Jacking Plate

Locking 'gates' on both upper and lower plates ensure the jacking plate is securely located around the toolstring. Spring loaded locking pins eliminate the need for R-clips. The large internal diameter of the lower plate allows for the passage of most BHA components, including stabilisers. The four ram design provides greater overall stability.

CoilTools Hydraulic Jacking Plate
CoilTools Hydraulic Jacking Plate - Hand Pump

Technical Specifications

Load Rating (kg) 5,000kg 10,000kg
Stroke Length Standard (in.) 5.00" 8.00"
Long Stroke Option (in.) 7.00" 12.00"
Upper Plate ID (in.) 4.00" 7.50"
Lower Plate ID (in.) 5.00" 7.50"
Overall Weight (kg) 25kg 63kg

Specifications and dimensions above are for information purposes only and may be liable to change without notice. Variations of above available upon request.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Safe alignment and make-up of BHA connections
  • Reduced potential for personal injuries
  • Eliminates manipulation of CT string or winch / blocks
  • Sturdy lightweight design
  • Operator in full control of BHA movement
  • Reduces risk of damage to equipment
  • 5T & 10T load rating
  • Long stroke version available on request
  • Four ram design for increased stability