CoilTools Jar-Thru Mechanical Indexing Tool

CoilTools 'Jar-Thru' Indexing Tool has been designed specifically for fishing operations and provides incremental rotation of BHA components simply by setting down weight until the required orientation is achieved. The increased tensile strength and shorter length allow the tool to be run below jars.

A high strength, dual clutch mechanism 'locks in' applied torque / rotation, fixing the orientation until the next cycle. The tool can be activated multiple times simply by picking up and setting down weight again. 3 Inches of downward travel will produce 130 degrees of rotation which ensures a different tool orientation at the end of each cycle.

The tool can be used to orientate an overshot guide during fishing operations to engage a difficult fish, to rotate a grapple onto a fish for maximum engagement or to bypass ledges or other wellbore restrictions. The thru bore provides drop ball access allowing a hydraulic disconnect to be run below.

Jar-Thru Mechanical Indexing Tool

Technical Specifications

Tool OD (in.) 2.88" 3.13"
Length (ft.) 2.92' 2.92'
Tensile Strength (lbs) 166,000 lbs 240,000 lbs
Rotation Per Cycle (degrees) 130° 130°
Working Pressure Rating (psi) 5,000 psi 5,000 psi
Minimum ID (in.) 0.688" 0.688"
Connections 238" PAC DSI 238" REG
Output Torque (per 1,000 lbs.) 80 ft-lbs 80 ft-lbs

Specifications and dimensions above are for information purposes only and may be liable to change without notice. Variations of above available upon request.

Key Features and Benefits

  • High strength for heavy duty fishing applications
  • Shorter overall length than alternative tools
  • Simple mechanical operation with applied set down weight
  • Rotates fishing tools to engage difficult fish
  • Can be run below jars
  • Thru-bore allows passage of drop ball for lower disconnect
  • 130 degrees rotation per cycle
  • Dual clutch mechanism 'locks' applied rotation / torque
  • Unlimited number of cycles