JetAge Rotary Jetting Tool - Testing

The last 12 months have been very challenging for us all and has also had an impact on our ongoing product development programme. However, we are delighted to be able to announce that we are back on track with the development of our JetAge Rotary Jetting Tool.

We have recently completed the latest phase of testing on our 2⅛" OD tool with extremely positive results. We are now in the process of manufacturing the final prototype which will allow us to complete a final stage of advanced testing, establish specific operating parameters / specifications and then hopefully some field trials.

Please contact us for more information on any of products or to discuss any of your thru-tubing product requirements.

Download Prototype Tool Report

3D Printing Prototype

3D printing prototype tool components for one of our latest CT tool development projects. Preliminary test results coming soon.

Keep Busy, Stay Safe

Announcing a new business in the midst of a global economic crisis, a world health pandemic and now a virtual lockdown in the UK was a tricky decision and possibly not the most sensible business decision. However, we felt it was important at this time to continue with our plans and to keep ourselves focussed and our brains occupied. We believe it is important in times like these, as unprecedented as they are, to maintain some form of 'normality' and routine and to remain in contact with colleagues, friends and of course family members.

Therefore, we intend to continue working hard (at home!) on new product designs and to resume our testing and development program whenever possible to hopefully be in a stronger position and ready to hit the ground running when the dust has settled and our industry starts to recover. We are looking forward to bringing some new, Innovative, Cost Effective Intervention Products to market as soon as possible and look forward to meeting clients old and new in the not too distant future.

As a much wiser man than me once said, "In times of great stress or adversity, it's always best to keep busy and to plow your anger and your energy into something positive".

Please check back here regularly or follow us on LinkedIn for future updates on our projects and tool developments.

Keep Busy, Stay Safe, Look After Yourselves and Each Other.